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Oilfield factoring from Charter Capital USA

What is factoring for oil and gas companies? It is the process when oilfield factoring companies provide companies with cash quickly and efficiently, without the need to wait for a bank loan. Charter Capital provides oil and gas factoring by supporting your business and getting the financing you need through our oilfield factoring solutions. We are an oilfield factoring company that focuses on helping your company with your growth and getting the most profit out of your business.
What to expect from Charter Capital USA oilfield factoring services
oil field service companies
Our factoring for oil companies provides the following benefits and advantages:
Add additional employees
Settle outstanding debt or tax obligations
Negotiate supplier discounts
Reduce bank NSF charges
Underwrite acquisitions of other service companies
To meet critical operating cash needs such as payroll
Charter Capital USA process
The oilfield factoring process is simple:
You provide your service or product to your customers as you always have.
You continue to bill your customers as you always have.
You submit your invoices that you want to factor to a factoring company like Charter Capital along with our simple factor form.
We wire funds directly to your bank account. Usually, in 24 hours or less.
We wait for your customer to pay us directly.
When we have received payment, we will notify you on the same day.
You grow your business, without the worry of poor cash flow and lack of working capital.
Don’t miss out on oilfield factoring for your business. Contact Charter Capital USA right now!

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